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  1. Why We Ride

    Next time you walk into a sporting goods store, try this- ask the first five people you run into if they know what wakeboarding is. The20229443_1509210482458085_1174361077938258520_ore are two general answers that are almost always the response that you’ll receive. Half of these people will have no idea what you’re talking about, to which you may respond with something such as “you know, like a snowboard but on water behind a boat, like waterskiing”. More often than not, they’ll try and comprehend what you’re saying and then probably never really think much about it again. The other half of people will say they absolutely know what it is and they are “totally stoked” on the

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  2. Hurricane Harvey Texas Charity T-shirt

    Hurricane Harvey Texas Charity T-shirt

    With the tragedy and devastation going on in Texas, we wanted to help by creating a Hurricane Harvey Texas Charity Relief T-shirt. We're selling this shirt in order to raise money for the hurricane relief efforts. 100% of profit from these sales will be given to Hurricane Harvey aid and relief efforts via charity and donation. Follow this link or click the image below: Houston has especially been hit hard by the hurricane and flooding, but over 150 other Counties in Texas have been just as devastated. The need is great and as Americans we should all be bonding together to do our part to help. For those of us that aren't able to help directly by being there and contributing in person, we can always still do something to help indirectly. That's why Elevated Clothing created this Texas Relief Fundraiser T-shirt. Now you can do your part and get a great product out of
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  3. TimWLyons

    Hey Guys, Go and give our friends @timwlyons a follow on youtube. They've built and are building a great channel about a day in the life of a group of active friends. As you can see by their channel trailer below, you'll get a variety of goodness and plenty of reason to subscribe, follow, and enjoy. 1000 frames per second on a go pro If you want to learn how to get 1000 fsp out of your go pro, or see the beauty of travel, check out the video below or more on the channel.

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  4. View from a blue moon

      23 year old super surfer John John Florence's movie View from a blue moon is releasing on December 1,2015 and man are we stoked. The biopic features incomparable videography by Blake Vincent Kueny and if the trailer is anything to go by it sports some shots Nat Geo would be jealous of. Shot entirely in crisp 4K resolution with helicopter assisted arial shots, this movie looks to be the dream film for water sports and camera fanatics alike. Florence, one of the top surfers ever, documents his rise from being "just a kid" from Hawaii and takes us along for the ride in fine style. I know, i know, you cant wait right ? for now wet your  appetite with this trailer and get ready for December 1st on Itunes and Vimeo.  

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  5. Paul Rey Good As Hell

    For the first time in years I feel good as hell. Paul Rey Good As Hell If you need a little extra energy and a pick me up today check out this new song, just released, by Swedish newcomer Paul Rey, "Good As Hell." It's safe to say the kid kills and is most certainly headed for stardom and big things. A fun little connection occurs for us, as we met Paul Rey's manager, Kabiro Bello with Fantabulous music a few years back. We sat down with Bello to talk about getting ELEVATED clothing over to some other swedish super stars you might have seen us shouting about, Norlie och KKV, and Lazee, who Bello repped and worked closely with. Now today, we've just gotten an invite from Bello to check out the new kid on the block, and let me just say... Today I feel Good As Hell. In the world where Sweden exports

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  6. netflix and shred

    Netflix and Chill?... Try Netflix and Shred. When it comes to new slogans, we've all come across a friend or two awkwardly throwing out "netflix and chill." Where did this come from? It seems to have just popped out of nowhere almost overnight, and in a culture that is far too heavily saturated with sexual connotations, pressure, and innuendos, we'd like to just take a second and clear a few things up. Yeah we've all been there... thinking about netflix and chill. They say that guys think about netflix and chill an average once every 7 seconds... That's mental. Every seven seconds we've got movies on our mind... er... sort of. Maybe

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  7. netflix and chill

    We've all heard the saying going around, netflix and chill, and if you haven't yet heard it, you've probably seen it trending on social media #netflixandchill or "I thought you said that we were gonna Netflix and chill?" What does "Netflix and Chill" Mean? What's the definition? By now you've probably heard your roommate saying it every 20 minutes and quietly laughing to himself at his cleverness... and you've probably guessed that it doesn't quite mean what it sounds like. Netflix and...? What? Chill, like hang out and watch tv? Nope. what netflix and chill really
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  8. A day without the internet

    In these modern times, can you even fathom it? Some of us remember it, albeit just barely. To those of us who do, does it even feel possible? I'm talking about a day without the internet. Don't you remember, the feel of life... unplugged? Don't you remember the connections that used to exist between people? The conversation, the life, the activity, the full emersion into your current situation, place, and time? Not to idealize it, but to recall it? I challenge you, all of you who remember, and those of you who have never known it, to pursue random days in your life, without the internet. Seek to be fully alive, and fully aware. Get out, Live Life to the Fullest. Dream, play, love, relax, and live. Be fully present with those who accompany you. Cut ties, for a day, with all of those not in your immediate sphere of influences. Smile at those around you. Engage in conversation. Live a day fully alive, fully you, fully free. I believe this type of action is necessary for all of

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  9. Dan Brisse: Urban Snowboarding

    Winches belong in cities: and so does snowboarder Dan Brisse adapts this symbol of man-made ingenuity to challenge the urban landscape in this new snowboarding video. Through the lens of the HERO3+® camera from http://GoPro.comthe video displays truly creative edits as it cuts back and forth, letting you first see from Dan’s viewpoint what it’s like to hurl down a run, and then cutting back to the more classic perspective of watching from a distance as the he conquers new obstacles. Dan takes on the Midwest, making each city’s bridges, buildings, and semi-empty lots his own, pushing snowboarding into new territory and showing us a new view of the snowy Midwest. Watch the video and leave your thoughts in the comments secti

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  10. Inspiration: Prince Ea- Why I Think This World Should End

    Inspiration: Prince Ea- Why I Think This World Should End A very positive message for all of us to consider, ponder, implement, and share around. Life is full of many things. There are so many distractions for us to give our time too. Some good, some bad. But once in a while something comes along that breaks us from our routine; pulls us from the things we are accustomed too, and causes us to think about Who We Are. And maybe more importantly... causes us to think about the Way We Are. This video does that for me. It puts into words the thoughts I often have swimming somewhere at the back of my head while I give myself over and over again to the daily grind and my current routine. Have I loved enough? Have I given enough? Do I spend enough time "Thinking" rather than just doing? I don't know. But I'm glad someone said this stuff and I think we should all be hearing more of it. What do you think?

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