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Monthly Archives: February 2015

  1. nursery wall decals

    Brighten up your children’s room with nursery wall decals In the modern age, chemicals used in a variety of products -- including nursery room paint & decors -- can send parents into a frenzy. Nursery wall decals may look oh-so-nice and fantastic, but the question is, are such products made of stuff that may impair baby’s breathing? Keep in mind that what you don’t know may hurt your child. Remember also that once you’ve installed wall decals, they may stay there for months or years, so it’s best to use quality, non-toxic materials. We recommend this nursery wall decals Canada Shop. Before sticking cute little animals, candy, trees, hot air balloons, alphabet letters, cute & colorful creatures and storybook characters in your child’s room, see to it that the wall decals are made of baby-friendly material. It’s not enough to find nursery wall decals with lovely design and show promise of holding up quite well. They should also be safe for to

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  2. Seth Colbert Doubles at BSR

    ELEVATED Team Rider Seth Colbert out of Texas, has been killing it. We're incredibly stoked for what this coming year holds for him. Check out his latest video and a few epic pictures he captured. Edit by Mark Develde @Uscablewakeparks Photo Credit goes to Mark Develde @uscablewakeparks and @PureWaveProductions. Seth can be seen wearing his black ELEVATED Assemblance tee in the video. Tight winter weekend at BSR with Seth Colbert & Brady Patry ... good times, good vibes ... nothing better than riding doubles filming with a gopro. Filmed by Seth Colbert, Brady Patry, & Mark DeVelde ... edited by USCableWakeParks ... Thanks to the Patry's, Royal & Grassman for the hospitality! song: Camper Van Beethoven - Pictures Of Matchstick Men ...

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  3. umass ski and snowboard club winter festival and rail jam

    Over the past few months, ELEVATED has teamed up with UMass Surf Club to bring our products to their campus and help them grow the exposure of their club. Talk about a group of hard core surfers that live the life, these guys are dedicated to the water day in and day out, pioneering a collegiate surf movement on their campus in the North East. We've been stoked to get connected with them and start a fruitful relationship that we see yielding a lot of fun for years to come. We hear they were also linking up with the UMass Ski and Snowboard Club for their Winter Rail Jam, so we sent over a box of goodies for them to start rocking and promote with, and needless to say, they paid us back in full. Check out the pictures from the event, and a write-up on the Winter Festival/Rail Jam from their perspective. UMass Ski

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  4. Surf Culture - On the List - Jake Stiles

    Surf Culture: ELEVATED Clothing On the List- Jake Stiles We recently launched a new sponsorship platform at ELEVATED Clothing where we pool up-and-coming athletes together who are seeking sponsorships. We call it ELEVATED On The List and it allows our athletes to grow with us and for us to grow with our athletes. We help show them the ropes of what a sponsorship looks like and build with them as they progress. It's a great way for us to get to know them and delve deeper into relationships, preparing up-and-comers for legitimate sponsorships and it's a great way for them to get into some new ELEVATED gear and have access to company perks. Additionally, we can pull noteworthy media out of the group and start bringing exposure to some of these new athletes. One of the first posts that we want to draw attention too is from a young surfer who spends his time split between New York and Puerto Rico. The kid rips! We've got 3 edits from him so far... and this is part 1. Read below to

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  5. Super Bowl XLIX Champagne Cocktails

    If you want to add a little bit of class and style to your NFL Super Bowl XLIX celebrations, Le medaillon Champagne has just the thing to get you going and accent the cheering for your favorite team. Pick between two handcrafted champagne cocktails representing fan loyalty to either the Seattle Seahawks or the New England Patriots. Or make both and let them face off. New England Fizz vs the Dylan Hawk. Both ne

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