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Monthly Archives: August 2014

  1. Wake Culture: Jeremia Hoppe - Here we go - 2014 edit

    Wake Culture: Jeremia Hoppe - Here we go - 2014 edit Have you ever seen anyone so locked in? Jeremia is still recovering from his knee surgery and can't quite hit kickers yet, so he's been honing in all of his rail skills. It's certainly paying off. Check it out, new edit from Uddvalla, Sweden! jeremia hoppe breddas swedish wakeboarder jeremia hoppe breddas swedish wakeboarder Rider: Jeremia Hoppe Filmer/editor: Filip Snabb O'Brien Watersports Rixen Cableways Ridestore GoPro Redbull Jaybird

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  2. Elevated Clothing Back To School Shopping Half Off Sale

    Elevated Clothing Back To School Shopping Half Off Sale It's that time of year when summer is slowly winding down, the days are still long, but the nights seem to be stretched out too, and kids are going back to class. Even though we're an action sports brand based out of California and we don't notice the weather change much, we grew our roots in the Rocky Mountains of Northwest Montana, and we remember the feeling of approaching fall. Here we're still surfing and wakeboarding, laying on the beach in our boardies and rocking bro tanks, but elsewhere it's t-shirt weather now, and moving into hoodie season. Kids are all looking to impress their friends, and want to look fly in the new stage of life called Back to School. ELEVATED has just the sale for all of you fans out there. We're doing a Half-Off SALE Right Now! Hurry and buy those items you've been eyeballing and wanting all summer long. The
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  3. A Peak in the Popularity of Mens Jewelry

    A Peak in the Popularity of Mens Jewelry Men’s jewelry has dipped and soared in popularity since the very beginning of fashion times. These days, the majority of men do wear jewelry. From watches and cufflinks to diamond stud earrings and necklaces, the majority of men wear something. However this has not always been the case. Going back to the 1930s, a lot of men’s jewelry was just not available. Earrings, for example, which are not hugely popular amongst the male fashion community but are still worn by a good number of men, were unheard of. At best, you could read about legendary pirates in novels such as Long John Silver wearing them, but certainly no one living and certainly not unless one was a pirate. Native people and aboriginals from ancient history, both men and women, have been wearing jewelry from around 3000 BC. Even in the Old Testament, men’s jewelry was mentioned. Men’s earrings have always been an item that has evoked strong opinions throughout history and have bee

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  4. Wake Culture: From California With Love - Daniel Grant

    Wake Culture: From California With Love - Daniel Grant In this video, Daniel Grant shreds Wake Island Cable Park in NorCal and shows us all how it's done. Very few riders boost as hard or as big as Daniel Grant. Getting in consecutive quick hits on each feature and flying through the turns pulling out massive air tricks, this wakeboard edit ought to leave you speechless. Wake Island is one of California's only two cable parks and ELEVATED is lucky enough to call it a home away from home in some small fashion. If you haven't gotten a chance to ride it's beautiful blue waters, make sure to schedule it into your travel some day. from Unleashed Wake - Wake Island in Sacramento, CA recently had a visit from Daniel Grant of Thai Wake Park. DG’s ability to shred on a wakeboard or wake skate at the cable park is something magical to watch. We hope you enjoy this edit at Wake Island the Premier Full Size Cable Park in California.

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  5. Viral: Uni-Lad- Chap gets arrested and maintains perfect composure

    This Could be the funniest video clip ever. Man gets arrested and maintains his absolute proper composure despite groping and headlocks. He's got a bit of a Sean Connery thing going on doesn't he? Very Stately old chap. "Get Your Hand Off My Penis" "Ah, yes... I see you know your judo well."

    Gentleman, this is democracy manifest. Chap gets arrested in south africa and the results are
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  6. beneful

    If you're a dog lover, you know the importance of giving your dog food that he or she will appreciate. Dogs can be finicky eaters, with some breeds even pickier than cats! Finding a brand that your dog will eat without getting bored is quite the challenge. You'll also want something healthy. And lastly, something that won't break the bank. My personal favorite is Beneful and I'd recommend looking into this for your pup. Owned by Purina, Beneful is one of the most popular brands in the US and with good reason. It's well priced, loved by dogs, and comes in a wide variety of flavors and formats for dogs of all ages and sizes. The best place to buy Beneful is probably at Amazon, where you can save an extra 15% if you go with their subscribe and save option. And no heavy bags to carry home from the store! Twitter:

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  7. How to Deal With Body Modification Antagonists

    Body Modification How to Deal With Body Modif Antagonists Although body modifications of all types have become very popular all over the world and in various different societies and cultures in modern times, there are still some people who are in the dark about things like tattoos, stretched ears, dermal implants and brands. These people don’t always mean to antagonize you when they make their invasive comments. Nevertheless, their commentary may always come out sounding ignorant or just plain rude. It’s inevitable that you may run into some such people at least once in your life, so it’s good to prepare yourself for the awkward situation. Instead of getting angry and making the awkward encounter even worse than it is. advise you try some of the following approaches to mitigate the tension. 1. “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” –Mark Twain

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  8. Lifestyle: ELEVATED Clothing and Le Medaillon Champagne

    Lifestyle: ELEVATED Clothing and Le Medaillon Champagne It wasn't long ago this spring when Le Medaillon and Elevated decided to team up and bring some quality champagne into the action sports realm. Banding together with such a cool and high profile company like Le Medaillon has been a lot of fun for us as we've gotten to celebrate major wins and company triumphs, pop champagne, and really just goof off that much more. We're looking forward to further inclusion of Le Medaillon into the action sports scene and hoping that our athletes can continue to enjoy the crisp bubbles on hot summer days after riding their hearts out. Here's a little bit of the fun we've been able to have with this company, even getting a bottle into Rusty Malinoski's hands during Spring Ride '14 in Lathrop, CA for the win. As with all of the companies we work with, Cheers to a long and fruitful relationship. Pun intended.

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  9. Surf Culture: Elevated Team Surfer Cole Taschman

    Surf Culture: Elevated Team Surfer Cole Taschman Elevated Clothing Team Surfer Cole Taschman has some great sets in Florida when the storms roll in. This is one kid who can always keep us super stoked. He's got an abundance of fresh content that comes in our proverbial doors often, and we're pumped to have him as part of Elevated Clothing's surf team. Keep an eye on this kid as he's full of relentless determination and skill to match. More than anything, we think he's just out to have a good time and keep the stoke. Give him a like and a share, and enjoy the following pics. You also might have seen Cole Taschman and his buddy Logan Hayes in the No Anchor film project WEEKENDS. If you haven't seen it, check out the post.

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  10. Wake Culture: Brad Smeele Recovery Update - Starting Rehab

    Wake Culture: Brad Smeele Recovery Update - Starting Rehab Amazing to see that Brad Smeele, the New Zealand Pro Wakeboarder who was injured on July 6th, is recovering and on his way to start Rehab. Its awesome to see him talking and smiling. We're all still praying for you Brad. It’s official, B-Rad is outta here! His time in the ORMC ICU has finally come to an end, and it’s time to start the next stage of his recovery; rehabilitation at Shepherd Centre in Atlanta. Brad will be leaving tomorrow morning between 9:15-9:30am, so everyone in the area come on down to floor 5B Neuro ICU at the Orlando Regional Medical Centre around 9am. Let’s line the halls and give this legend the send off he deserves! ---------- If you would like to keep up to date on Brad's Recovery, or if you feel led to give to his recovery fund, you can find his foundation page here:

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